Perception is Reality: 4 Tips for Maintaining a Positive Reputation – All Day, Every Day

The key to professionalism is living the part – inside the office and out.

Think about it: you will never see your boss the same way again after he got drunk at last year’s Christmas party, right? And the cashier at the grocery store – she definitely would have looked more reliable if she hadn’t been wearing those see-through leggings.

Even if it may be socially acceptable to act or dress in these ways, it makes you – and your company – look less professional. You could be a business-savvy mogul in your industry, but if your first (or second, or third, etc.) impression doesn’t live up to your authority, your skills won’t matter. Whether you’re trying to get in the door for an interview, or you just need to freshen up your appearance, these tips will help you represent your business (or club, or other organization) in a professional, credible manner.

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The Five Best Things about Being a College Student

Going to college isn’t for everyone – but anyone will admit: it’s better than high school! From preparing students for career success, to making everyone feel welcome, life on campus is a whole new world full of endless opportunities. Here are just five great aspects of university life:

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Will the Republican presidential candidates respond to the student debt crisis?

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Renaming Memorial Buildings is Erasing American History

I recently read an article highlighting a young student who has been working to change the name of her former middle school. In her eyes, the school’s reputation was tarnished by its namesake: an esteemed former Virginia governor and U.S. senator who has been honored across the state in highways, schools, and memorials.

Harry Flood Byrd, Sr., along with his children and grandchildren, greatly impacted the state of Virginia and the nation in their political work, community service, and adventurous expeditions. Miles away from the young girl’s middle school is a business college named for Byrd’s son, Harry F. Byrd, Jr., and another middle school, named for his admired brother, Richard E. Byrd, a naval Medal of Honor recipient who became the first man to fly to the South Pole. These men were truly the epitome of committed citizens, dedicating their lives to their country and their families. The community they served still sees the effects of their leadership: the town’s newspaper is still owned by the Byrd family – a family that makes appearances at schools and other ceremonies as treasured guests.

Harry F. Byrd, Sr., a man whose ancestors included the infamous Pocahontas, who contributed to leading Virginia out of its crippling debt of the early twentieth century, and whose triumphs are still studied in schools across the state, is at risk of losing his honor over one trivial societal opinion: he was opposed to the desegregation of public schools.

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How to Seamlessly Change Your College Major

So you want to change your major? After some reading online, I found that quite a few college students (over half!) decide to do this at some point in their schooling careers. It’s not surprising, and it’s definitely not something to be ashamed of: it’s hard to decide what you want to do right out of high school – there’s still so much of the world yet to see!

I very recently went through the process of changing my major, and even completely changing schools within my university, so I know the ropes, and I’m here to help you out.

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Why I Decided to Change My College Major

Throughout high school, I debated about my future college major. I was pretty sure I wanted to do music, but at first, I was dead set on getting a degree in music industry or music business. I then transitioned to hoping for a degree in music production, but, realizing I didn’t have a lot of experience in mixing tracks, I decided to play it safe with a degree in music education. I interned with local music teachers throughout my senior year and really enjoyed my time – teaching band was definitely something I could see myself doing.

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6 Reasons to Major in Arts & Humanities

Are you considering a degree in the arts?

Arts and humanities degrees have long been under scrutiny, dominating Forbes’ “Worst College Majors” lists for years on end, and consistently reporting lower salaries than STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and business degrees. Despite this statistic, programs in music, literature, and even philosophy continue to thrive at colleges across the nation. Why, with so many critics, do students continue to choose to major in arts and humanities?

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Stay Organized With My Due Date Spreadsheet [+FREE Printable!]

It is crucial to start the semester strong with a consistent method of tracking assignments—whether you choose to do this via paper planner or using technology. If you’re leaning toward techno-organization, my due date spreadsheet might be exactly what you need to boost your grades and alleviate your stress!

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