How to Stay Productive Despite an Overwhelming Workload

As the semester comes to a close, college students are facing overlapping deadlines, finals frenzy, and seemingly endless stacks of homework. We have books to read, tests to study for, performances to attend (and participate in), and, to top it all off, family obligations to attend to. With suddenly busy schedules that don’t even allow for a lunch break, how can we expect to get everything done in time? It’s a tricky task, but here’s how you can check everything off the list without missing a beat:

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Five Ways to Transfer Your Leadership Skills from Local to Global

Throughout college, students work hard to learn how to be leaders in the community and the workplace. We learn what it takes to be strong, compassionate innovators who can take command and manage large groups of people toward a common goal. These heavily-taught skills can be expanded, with just a few tweaks, to turn local leaders into global ambassadors that work to change the world:

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Reporting Can Change the World

…or so says the Newseum, a museum showing the triumphs (and pitfalls) of the journalism industry, from print papers to photos, with the goal of defending the First Amendment (notably, freedom of press) across the country and around the world.

I recently visited this D.C. museum with my boyfriend, and, needless to say, my trip was one to remember.

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How Meeting Hundreds of International Students Changed my Worldview

Last weekend, several SU students (including myself) were blessed with the opportunity to attend James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University’s International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC) at JMU. I had a great time meeting new people, eating amazing food, and staying up watching cheesy old movies with a close gal pal – but more than that, the experience was completely eye-opening for me.

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