When Opportunity Knocks, Make Sure You Answer the Door

Does your college major determine your future career path? Not always. Consider all job opportunities, even if they’re in another field.

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10 Apps Every College Student Should Download

As college students, we live by our cell phones — we use them to connect with friends, take photos, and even do schoolwork. Despite criticism from older generations, we know that our smartphones, and the wealth of information that they provide at the touch of a button, are helping us stay connected, safe, happy, and healthy. Here are some applications that are most valuable for making sure you can do just that:

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Review: Litsy, the New Photography & Tracking App for Readers

When I was introduced to this iOS application by a professor of mine, I was intrigued. I had never looked into any social media network that was so new, but despite any apprehension, I decided to just jump in with both feet and try it out.

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5 Ways to Further Your Career Without Giving Up Your Summer

Summer-long internships and jobs are great for gaining professional experience while in college, but sometimes it isn’t feasible to give up your entire summer to career-building. Make the most of your summer with these low-commitment resume builders.

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5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Lazy Author

There is nothing worse than reading a book or a screenplay that is obviously subpar. They seem like amateur mistakes, but even professional authors and playwrights are guilty of lethargy in their writing. Signs of a lazy author come through in narration, format, and theme, sometimes late in careers and sometimes from the start, but regardless, they are huge turn offs for readers and critics. Low ratings on my GoodReads are likely due to these pet peeves of mine that all writers – novice and established – should avoid at all costs:

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BSE: HUGE Beach Packing List & Outfit Planner (with FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST)

So, you’re going to the beach?

Me too.

Part of making this summer the best summer ever includes my boyfriend and I’s trip to Myrtle Beach with his family. I am more than excited for a real vacation unlike any other I’ve taken before, so to prepare, I’ve created a packing list! (As everyone should to ensure that you don’t end up 12 hours away without shampoo.)

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