Watch: 5 Quick & Easy Tips to Improve Your Writing

Hello all! Finals are finally over, meaning that Blogmas is going to get right back on schedule!

My hope with this video is to help even people who aren’t writers become better at written communication—especially since it’s important for every career field!

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Q&A: How to make money as a blogger, how to start writing professionally, etc.

Throughout my experience as a pretty successful freelance writer and blogger, I’ve gotten a ton of questions from you guys asking what I do and how I got here, and since I’ve been doing it for a year now, I figured I have some credentials to finally answer them.

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Blog-iversary Reflection!

Hey guys! I can’t believe I’ve already been blogging (and professionally writing) for a whole year! It’s been such a wonderful journey that I’m so excited to look back on today for the first day of Blogmas 2016!

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My September Favorites! +Life Update

Hi all! I feel like I haven’t been updating in a while (probably as a result of school starting back up again)—and I’ve missed you guys! I’m back today, though, with a quick life update, plus a round-up of my favorite products (and more) from the month of September!

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9 Productivity Tools You Must Have On Your Home Office or Study Desk

Whether you’re a work-at-home mom who’s looking for a little more organization in your life, or a college student looking to be a little more productive when not in the library, these are the most vital at-home desk essentials for productive study sessions and effective work habits.

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The Only Thing Your Writing Really Needs (But Is Probably Missing)

From editorials with no paragraph breaks to sentences with no verbs, there are a lot of writing mistakes that an editor can fix.

We’ll do all we can to help your writing. We can add punctuation, chapter breaks, and helping verbs; we can fix your grammar and correct your spelling—but there’s one feature of writing that we editors can’t (and won’t) fix for you.

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Review: Litsy, the New Photography & Tracking App for Readers

When I was introduced to this iOS application by a professor of mine, I was intrigued. I had never looked into any social media network that was so new, but despite any apprehension, I decided to just jump in with both feet and try it out.

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How to Stay Productive Despite an Overwhelming Workload

As the semester comes to a close, college students are facing overlapping deadlines, finals frenzy, and seemingly endless stacks of homework. We have books to read, tests to study for, performances to attend (and participate in), and, to top it all off, family obligations to attend to. With suddenly busy schedules that don’t even allow for a lunch break, how can we expect to get everything done in time? It’s a tricky task, but here’s how you can check everything off the list without missing a beat:

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Reporting Can Change the World

…or so says the Newseum, a museum showing the triumphs (and pitfalls) of the journalism industry, from print papers to photos, with the goal of defending the First Amendment (notably, freedom of press) across the country and around the world.

I recently visited this D.C. museum with my boyfriend, and, needless to say, my trip was one to remember.

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12 Ways to Amp Up Your Personal Social Media Presence

Looking to amp up your follower count? Losing Facebook friends and not sure why? Maybe it’s time for a social media evaluation. Whether you use these online portals for business/self promo (like me) or just to connect with friends, these tips are going to help you gain followers, keep the ones you have, and just generally have a better online presence.

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Perception is Reality: 4 Tips for Maintaining a Positive Reputation – All Day, Every Day

The key to professionalism is living the part – inside the office and out.

Think about it: you will never see your boss the same way again after he got drunk at last year’s Christmas party, right? And the cashier at the grocery store – she definitely would have looked more reliable if she hadn’t been wearing those see-through leggings.

Even if it may be socially acceptable to act or dress in these ways, it makes you – and your company – look less professional. You could be a business-savvy mogul in your industry, but if your first (or second, or third, etc.) impression doesn’t live up to your authority, your skills won’t matter. Whether you’re trying to get in the door for an interview, or you just need to freshen up your appearance, these tips will help you represent your business (or club, or other organization) in a professional, credible manner.

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