50+ Songs About Getting Engaged

If you’ve followed me on social media lately (or you’ve read my most recent blog post), you’ll know that I just got engaged! And to celebrate, I of course made my own Spotify playlist (click to listen), with over 50 songs all about love, engagement, and marriage. Here they are!

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20 Relaxing, Acoustic Songs for Autumn

20 Relaxing Songs for Autumn | Michelle Adams Blog autumn fall playlist music season halloween september october november spotifyThe leaves are changing colors and the clothes are getting a lot cuter—it must be Autumn! If you’re looking to get in the mood for the season, you just want a relaxing study playlist to jam to, or you’re in the mood for acoustic songs, check out my playlist of songs for Fall!

Many of these are covers, but I love the unique sound of them!

1. Free Fallin’ (Live at the Nokia Theater) by John Mayer

2. Cool Kids / Rip Tide by Less Is More, The Queen & King

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BSE (Best Summer Ever!): Songs of the Summer Playlist

What is BSE?

Today, for the first time this year, it’s hitting a nice 70 degrees in my area, and to celebrate, I’ve decided to launch my BEST SUMMER EVER series. This will be a compilation of several summer-y posts, from beach packing reminders to bucket list recommendations. I plan to work on these throughout the summer, but I’m excited to kick-start in the springtime – I can’t wait for June! All of the BSE posts can be found here.

For my first BSE post, I’m sharing my Spotify playlist of songs that get me in the mood for the heat! I’m constantly jamming out to these songs when I need a refresh of what it feels like to enjoy shorts and tank tops out in the sand and the sunshine. (Warning: if you catch me daydreaming, don’t interrupt!)

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