The College Girl’s Ultimate (Last-Minute!) Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! Christmas, Hanukkah, and all those other December holidays are here, and that means gifts galore! If you’re looking for the perfect present for all of your loved ones—from roommates to long-time boyfriends—that you can get NOW (before it’s too late), you’re in the right place.

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The College Girl’s Ultimate Guide to Studying

Whether your major is English, math, or even music, there’s a college blogger out there with tips to help you rise to the top of your class. If you’re looking for only the best advice on how to succeed in any of your classes, check out the posts below from college students just like you!

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How Can I Be the Next Great Storyteller?

Telling stories is one of the most important things we do in our lives. We tell stories to sell products and make money, we tell stories for entertainment, and we even tell stories to help us teach difficult concepts and express abstract thoughts. Even those of us who don’t choose to be writers have to be storytellers—but as artists who make stories our livelihoods, we ought to be the best at it.

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9 Productivity Tools You Must Have On Your Home Office or Study Desk

Whether you’re a work-at-home mom who’s looking for a little more organization in your life, or a college student looking to be a little more productive when not in the library, these are the most vital at-home desk essentials for productive study sessions and effective work habits.

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Watch: Back To College Lookbook & Shopping Guide (For A Student’s Budget!)

We’re so close to the first day of classes this semester! If you want to be the most fashionable campus cutie this fall, check out my lookbook for some outfit inspiration—and read on for links to all the clothes seen in the video (all at reasonable prices!).

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The College Girl’s Start of the Semester Checklist

The semester is beginning yet again, ladies, and it’s never too late (or too early) to prepare—with the help of the very best college bloggers on the web. Luckily, all of our very best college-prep articles are in one spot for you to reference—so what are you waiting for? Start checking these things off your to-do list!

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What Can Be Done to Prevent the “Summer Melt?”

With nearly two million young adults graduating from high school and looking to enroll in higher education each year, it’s no surprise that a few get lost along the way — but the number of students “melting” away each summer is growing — and the problem keeps getting worse.

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13 Essential School Supplies for College

If you’re one of the over 20 million students heading to college this fall, it’s time to prepare for the coming semester—first, by purchasing school supplies! If you’re looking for inspiration and advice on what to buy for the upcoming semester, you’ve come to the right place.

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5 Things Your College Orientation Leader Wants You to Know

As summer orientation leaders, we spend months making memories with the future freshmen and other new students at our schools — and we have a blast! While I remember a lot of future freshmen having similarly great times at their orientations, unfortunately, there were some who struggled to make the most of their days. After witnessing all of the sessions, I realized that having a rough orientation day is totally avoidable, if you accept these simple facts:

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Technology Isn’t Ruining Our Lives, It’s Enhancing Them

Technology is often accused of ruining our lives by tearing apart relationships and causing the decline of social interaction. People flash dirty looks when they see students’ eyes on phones in classrooms, conferences, and generally anywhere in public. With cell phones in our pockets, portable laptops, and even tablets, it seems that the world has become overrun with technology — but is it really all that bad?

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